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The funding of the project development incl. the implementation of the project represents a basic issue for all the project developers with special regard to the SME. It is a buyers, i.e. investors` market, and as a consequence of the economic crisis banks, investors, first of all global investors may make a choice in all geographical areas and among several project opportunities. In the interest of minimizing their risks at the same time maximizing their return they subject all offered projects to a thorough examination and only well prepared projects shall be considered.


The consideration starts with the analysis of the Executive Summary submitted by the project developers. The well prepared Executive Summary contains all the most important information, which may raise the attention of the banks, investors resp. i.e. what is the aim of the investment, why should the banks, investors, resp. decide in favor of the funding of the project. The Executive Summary has to be short and brief as banks and investors resp. shall sum up and evaluate the risks related to the project`s funding based on it.


The enclosed document tries to assist in preparing an Executive Summary by presenting some questions / aspects



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