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LightCatcher active and intelligent light dome Print E-mail

The LightCatcher - developed, produced and delivered by EcoNation exclusively - produces more light than a traditional light dome does and at the same time, it takes away its shortcomings. The LightCatcher is the first active and intelligent light dome. ‘Active’ means: the system captures incoming daylight by means of a motorised mirror system, amplifies it and spreads it throughout the building. With ‘intelligent’ we refer to our original light sensor technology and electronics for individual dome control, correction and light optimization. What really happens is this: the technology and motor allow for maximum light reflection by mirror – the captured light is then amplified by two prism lenses for optimal light diffusion: more than 400 lux, even on rainy days or low-lying sun.  

The SunCatcher: Concentrating Solar Dishes Set Efficiency Record Print E-mail
altThe original article can be read in English on Inhabitat.
Solar forest charging system for parking lots Print E-mail

The original article can be read in English on Inhabitat.

World's largest solar project planned for sahara desert Print E-mail

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More days granted to win with the sun! Print E-mail
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