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Mission of "EnergiaPorta - kapu az Energia birodalmába" (A Gate to World of Energy) online information portal and knowledge base is to assist the cooperation of the participants, developers, manufacturers, utility providers, consumers and specialists, analysts, decision makers resp. forming and influencing the industry in the different energetic branches. The aim of the portal is to contribute to the creation of an energy economy and energy utilization, a more efficient than the actual one, by presenting technologies, solutions, energy market opportunities belonging to the different interest circles.

EnergiaPorta” is a civil initiative, and it was the energy economy, the demand and pressure on secure, sustainable energy supply and the transparency for planable energy utilization and the related economic, social and political standpoints which have necessitated its establishment. Privates and organizations, committed to the subject are behind the portal, their aim and target is an open communication among the participants of the branch, the recognition of the common interests and shifting towards common aims in both, the domestic and international relations.  

Aim of „Energiaporta” is the analyzing the professional specialties of the different energetic branches, the opportunities and dangers in them for drafting suggestions, alternatives for the enterprises and institutions active in the branche and for those rejoicing over the advantages of the energetic, in broader meaning for the organizations and decision makers influencing the branches’ future. To realize it „Energiaporta” provides professional content, analyzes and systematizes, establishes and maintains business relations, secures multilevel communication level and information base for organizations active in the branches and institutions regulating it as well as for purchaser, privates utilizing energy.

While establishing „Energiaporta” we took care, that general information, browsing as well as targeted research controls the reader allowing him an easy, quick contents finding interesting for him. Should you have any remark, idea, suggestion do not hesitate to contact us.

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EnergiaPorta – A Gate to World of Energy