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Carbon capture and storage @ work - as global energy demand increases vastly, so does our quest for a sustainable and clean future. One of the promising solutions can be found in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology which aims to satisfy our energy needs without escalating climate change.

The Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) allows the EU to structure and frame energy research which in turn contributes to achieving technology breakthroughs and better results. Relevant projects financed under the 7th Framework Programme are in line with the objectives of the SET-Plan.

CCS technology is all about capturing CO2 from large emitters, such as power plants and refineries, in order to store it deep underground. The EU-funded project CESAR explored cost-reduction possibilities of the capture process. A follow-up project called OCTAVIUS is focusing on demonstrating the capture process on a larger scale, which is an important step towards full-scale implementation of CCS.

The CESAR and OCTAVIUS projects provide pilot models for CCS technology at the European level. When a full-scale implementation is proven, the CO2 reduction target of 400m tons by 2030 will no longer be a distant dream. Find out more on the CESAR and OCTAVIUS projects.

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