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Opportunities for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Action in an Economic Crisis: Catalysing a Green Recovery Nyomtatás E-mail

In the era of the deepest economic crisis for over a century, attention and action on mitigating climate change takes a backseat. This is especially true for Hungary and other Eastern European countries especially hard-hit by the crisis. Is green energy transformation a feasible way out of, or at least mitigating, the crisis in countries particularly affected by the economic downturn, which have little budget for stimulus packages and instead focus on austerity measures? Is there room and any motivation for action on climate change at the various stakeholder levels, including businesses, municipalities and NGOs?

The conference aims to catalyse a green recovery from economic crisis in Hungary and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe through the identification of opportunities as well as highlighting of recent best practices in climate change action, with a focus on sustainable energy. Particular emphasis will be on presenting cutting-edge best practices both initiated by voluntary action as well as visionary policies, with speakers representing businesses, municipalities, NGOs and government as the key actors in climate change mitigation action. An important goal is to share best practices and initiate a learning and dissemination process. The conference therefore mainly targets experts, professionals, educators and thinkers in the area of climate change action and sustainable energy as well as the media.

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